Thursday, August 28, 2008

Words concerning Logan.

So now that I'm back where I belong, I thought I'd jot down a note or two. No pictures yet - I still haven't finished unpacking my room. Those will come once I get all my techno stuff organized accordingly. With some help from WingMan, I should be up and running on my SATA drive soon, and then I'll really be able to lock myself in my room and save the world simultaneously.

So to answer the questions that everyone has - due to my single status, no - I'm not married. I've got my eye on a certain sheila who will remain anonymous at this time (as this blog is referenced from my other accounts - don't want to prematurely scare anyone).

I'm now in the 54th ward instead of the 59th. I'll be heading to Brigham City to do some work in an environmental lab today. I'll work there Tuesdays and Thursdays until I get on doing research for a professor named Dr. Ban - most likely. Again, premature. The research from what I hear has to do with radiation heat transfer through rivers including the Virgin. So if I get it, I may be heading down to Southern Utah to run some tests.

I have already slept through 3 of my classes. Math 5610, MAE 5300 and ENGR 5500. Not that big of a deal. I went on the first day, so I caught the syllabus, and know the jist of them all. I'll catch up this weekend if I need. Beside those classes (Computational Linear Algebra, Mechanical Vibrations, and High Performance Computing respectively), I have Beginning Billiards, Art Symposium, and two institute classes: The Gospel and World Religions coupled with Marriage Prep.

So that's the main story. We broke most of my favorite boomerangs at our opening boomerang toss off yesterday. I'll repair the good ones and make more.