Saturday, January 19, 2013

Section 88 and the Effect of Change

It's fascinating to me how the Lord manages to teach us timely lessons but only as we're ready.  He never casts His pearls before swine, and so it is with His teachings.  It's only when we're prepared to receive light that we realize it has been surrounding us all along, and that the Lord, the source of that light, has been waiting for us to recognize it.

I've been out of my comfort zone for the past fortnight-and-a-half.  Being in California means warmer weather, strange roads, smaller YSA wards, and more insight from family I haven't seen as often.  But to me, it also represents a time for considerable self-reflection.  Any change in my surroundings seems to have that effect upon me.  And right now, several changes are underway.

Monday, January 7, 2013

In Keeping an Empty Cup

So I've been in Roseville, California for the past week or so.  Several interesting things have managed to fill my mind since my arrival.

I met two people out here last week who I randomly started talking to about the gospel.  I don't believe it is any easier to talk about religion in California than it is in Utah, but rather I think I'm so dependent on the people around me now that I've become significantly more friendly.  Ironic it is how one's friendliness is indirectly proportional to the number of friends who surround him.  Perhaps that is why the Lord is constantly pulling us out of our comfort zones?