Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A few photos from the past 6 months...

So I figured since I haven't posted any pictures for a long time, maybe I was due. I'm at the school right now. Not the nerd lab - the normal lab. Someone around me was farting up a storm just moments ago - but since she left, and the serenity returned, I figured I'd use the high bandwidth to post some pictures that are already floating around the internet...

There's some of my grad project - or of a similar project anyway. A lot of bowling, and a couple from the river trip we took in August.

Dr. XianRong Zhuo - he's on my project. Jon Bingham is on a similar project.

White-water rafting at Snake River - the end of the summer.

This guy was so drunk! He was bowling next to us. Crazy.

My Halloween costume. Yep - wore it at the basketball game.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So I bowled a 248 the night of the GRE. I had a Turducken with garnish. A "turkey" is 3 strikes in a row, so I figure a "duck" can be 2, and a "chicken" a single strike. I had 7 in a row - which is a full Turducken (a sixth) plus garnish (the seventh).

My last high score was a 191.

I'm planning to come down to a friend's wedding reception this Saturday in Salt Lake City - and to stay with the Punjabs. I've got to be back to Logan by 6 on Sunday.

Next week, I can leave as early as Tuesday. Provided I get my homework done, it should be no problem to be ready to try out Noah's new pimped ride Wednesday morning or afternoon.

Work is going fairly well. Boomerang production is down.

I found a girl with a small nose and a good chin. We'll see if she can stand meeting the Punjabs this weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

GRE and Turducken

So I just left the testing center.

I didn't have to do the essays (which are scored 1-6) in order to get into the graduate program here at USU. I just had to do over a 440 Verbal and something decent (probably 600 or 650? -I forgot what the bar was set at) Quantitative.

I got 450 Verbal - and 790 Quantitative.

The 790 isn't bad - as 800 is perfect. So from the ACT's 33 in math, I've improved. 790/800 is higher than a 33/36. My reading is still piss poor though! Ha!

I'll start posting pictures up here soon. Typical nonsensical stuff.

I graduate with a bachelors in a month. I'm not walking - since I'll be back in this same lab mid January. I figure there's no real celebration if I'm going to stick around. I think the grad life will fit my lazy-through-and-wing-it lifestyle better than the undergrad.

Also - I've become an advocate of Turducken. Google search it if you need. Chicken in a duck in a turkey.