Thursday, February 6, 2014

Testimony Stock - What's Yours Worth?

"My testimony took a 20% hit when I moved to Provo."  "Her testimony stock went up three points when she got her mission call."  "Their stock tripled after being sealed."  ...What is "testimony stock" and how do we get more of it?

tes-ti-mo-ny stock    noun
plural testimony stock
Could refer to:
  1. volume of tears cried from pulpit each Fast Sunday (in cubic centimeters): SPIRITUAL TEARS
  2. number of generations your family has been in the church: SPIRITUAL PEDIGREE
  3. current state before the Lord: OIL IN LAMP
  4. the prestige of your calling (in stewardship head count): SPIRITUAL POSTER-CHILD
Ok - so clearly the third is the only real definition.  And that "oil in the lamp" reference could be an entire post on its own...