Thursday, January 9, 2014

AoF: Articles on the Articles

The Articles of Faith summarize the beliefs of the Lord Jesus Christ's restored church.  Recently in General Conference, we were encouraged by Elder L. Tom Perry to study the Articles of Faith:

I tend to study better when I either plan to teach what I study, or when I write about it.  That being said, I intend to do a series of articles on the Articles for these three reasons:
  1. Elder Perry just recommended it.  (Twice, actually:  Elder Perry with more hair in 1998.)
  2. I need to structure my scripture study habits better for 2014.
  3. I see too much garbage being posted and propagated online.  My method of combating the nonsense is to offer clarity.  What better way than to echo the gospel?
I am currently re-reading Elder Talmage's "The Articles of Faith", and my posts will coincide with my sequential progress through that book as well as my collection of other references and revelation.

The reader should know that I write these posts of my own desire, and that my opinion in no way represents that of the Church.  The resources I use are church approved, however.  I'll do my best to provide reference links to the quotes of interest.