Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hold Off the Fake Santa Nonsense

I'm jotting this post down due to Beth a.k.a. "the problem child" (I don't know why mom always calls her that behind her back.  Seems a little mean...)

As per a phone call this morning (I'm using a light definition of 'morning' here - 3:30pm.), I realize that the upcoming generation are starting to be lied to earlier than normal this year.  Mino must be in need of behavior-enhancing motivation because Beth called me up wanting to do the typical "Fake Santa" routine.

This troubles me.  We're not even through Halloween yet.  I have to go buy yellow socks tonight to complete my Penguin/Linus-Torvalds costume.  But here I am being plagued with Fake Santa calls?  Gadzooks!

Be it known across our lie-to-my-kids-for-fun family that I will not participate in the role of Fake Santa until after Thanksgiving.

I suggest calling uncle Roger upon the next need of behavior motivation, or just spank the crap out of them.