Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elder Bednar's Q/A and a New Semester

Yesterday Elder Bednar came to Logan.  He held a fireside in the Logan Tabernacle with neighboring stake centers connecting in through video conference.  It was interesting to see him reply to college aged questions.  He's a class act, that Elder Bednar.  His main principle (and also his apostolic blessing) dealt with understanding moral agency.  He taught the concept under the principle of obedience and how every choice we make reduces or sustains our agency.

This is the last week I have to prepare to teach my class.  I need a lot of preparation still.  And I'm a bit worried about finishing my thesis.  I need to focus like crazy.  Grind it out.  I'm sick of it, but I have to clear it out of my way before I can do other things.

There are a couple of projects I'm working on that might change what my life consists of over the next year or two.  I'll elaborate more later though.  For now I should head to bed.