Tuesday, January 13, 2015

AoF 1: The God Who Knows Us

This posting is part of a series of studies of principle and application of the Articles of Faith.

News has changed a bit since the Garden of Eden.  Today we turn on the TV or open a browser to get our information and learning.  A handful of millennia ago, the protocol was: 1) build an altar, 2) offer prayer, 3) wait on heavenly messengers (and a fourth step that I'll mention later on).

Here's the problem: we've lost site of God.  Adam and Eve pined after truth - they knew the Father and the Son.  They yearned for teaching and for reconciliation.  We yearn for fast food and for YouTube videos of cats.  We live in a world saturated with information that is seldom validated, and the information we seek too often distracts more than it guides.  More than ever we have to ask ourselves if the First Article of Faith is true for us.  Is it true for you?