Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Ethics of an Election

Here are my thoughts this election.  Not to convince or smear, but to clarify...

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Bias and Division

Firstly, a self examination of three questions:
  1. Do you find it easy to believe the bad things about the candidates you oppose, and hard to believe the bad in the one you're currently supporting?  If so, perhaps you're not as unbiased as you think.
  2. Can you articulate your position on the majority of the key issues of the day?  And if so, can you express why, that is to say: can you identify the principles? 
  3. Is your motive in arguing someone with the opposite view based on your desire to compare ideas, or to prove the other person wrong? If it's the latter, perhaps you're promoting division more than understanding.
Whew!  Now that the quiz is over, let's consider a few trends this election season: