Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

I gave a talk last Sunday about the Power and Blessings of the Resurrection. I managed to over-prepare, and ended up blending three different talks last minute. Needless to say - my thoughts were somewhat garbled, and though I managed to explain one or two principles, I left a lot of ideas unmentioned.

 Before my talk, I asked a friend of mine if he'd come along. He told me he'd be in Sacramento all day, but asked if I'd type up my talk. So one of the three preparations was an attempt to type it up. It didn't work very well. My method of speaking doesn't jive well with scripted paragraphs as much as it does bullet points.

So to express a few things I missed from my talk, and to give my friend something typed, I figured I'd mention a few points about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ here. As blogs seem to never die - there are things that I purposely won't mention here, to protect their sacred nature. However, if you're well informed and manage to read this with the aide of the Holy Ghost, I'm sure you'll pick up a lot between the lines.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Time Takes Time

I once received a phone call from a missionary.  At the time, I was on my mission too - and I had stewardship over this particular missionary.  The phone call was a regularly scheduled event - a means to account for the day's progress.  But this phone call was different.  I've reflected on it for years now.

This missionary was one of 11 kids.  He was really hard working, really dedicated.  He and his companion had been doing well, but had not seen immediate success.  Meanwhile, my companion and I were enjoying a relative harvest.  It seemed strange to me how this young missionary broke down on the phone that night.