Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Web Apps

So remember last post how I mentioned that I keep my budget online using Google Docs?  Well, today there's a lot more you can do online.

Here's what I'd recommend:  switch your browser to Google Chrome (here's the link).  It's generally faster and less cluttered than even Mozilla Firefox.  The only tricky thing about Chrome is that you type your search in the same spot that you'd normally enter a URL - so there's not two bars at the top.  The latest Google Chrome is version 8.  Version 8 has access to something called the Chrome Web Store (link).

You'll basically find everything there.  For instance, Leah can give up mathematics and go back to designing houses and rooms with Autodesk's Homestyler.  It's free, and it lets you create cool images and designs of your rooms like this:

There are tons of apps and they're easy to sort though.  You can find shopping ones, productivity ones (basically all of your Microsoft Office type of stuff), photo editing, video editing, blogging, games, etc.  Most of them are free.

Google has been pretty sharp lately.  It's not going to have too many of its aces land before Christmas, but you'll see a lot more about Android (especially tablet computers that compete with the iPad), and a fair bit about Chrome OS notebooks.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Technology Update

So as I peruse through this family's blogs, I'm rather aware of a handful of recent advancements that we all probably don't know about.  So as I'm lunching at work, I'll jot down a few things that technology lets us do here in the 2000's.

Motive: Within a couple of years, we're going to see the way we use devices change.  And since our family falls behind in everything, I figure it'll take a year or two to get us ready.

This is the buck nasty baby of WiFi - that term mentioned at every hotel, etc.  WiFi is simply a wireless connection - like the one your router sends out.  WiMax is a standard that will increase the range of those from about 30-40 feet to 3-4 miles.  It'll be available in two or more years.

Application - Luke will be able to use the wireless from his house to check deals on ebay while sitting at Taco Bell.

"The Cloud"
You may have seen Windows 7 ads say "to the cloud!" and wondered what it means.  The cloud is an imaginary place where all the stuff you'd normally save on a computer gets saved and accessed online.  That means it doesn't matter if you're using a library computer or your cell phone, you can pull up whatever data you saved.  Decent nerds are concerned about this currently - seeing it as a form of Big Brother trying to steal our identities and data.  Expect paranoia to become widespread.

A good way to test this out the cloud in a wimpy fashion is with Google Docs.  You can save a document online and access it from anywhere.  I have a ongoing budget sheet I keep in Google Docs.  Note that you can also set permissions - so if Leah is working on a paper, we could all chip in/tease her for her inabilities.

Application - mobility and connectivity.  Think of it as a way to link all your electronics together.

Media Storage/Playback
You may have heard of some reference to set-top boxes or media boxes.  These little babies are replacing mom's storage room full of DVD's and VHS's.  They hold the data at a high quality, and output it with HDMI - so you can have BluRay quality shows all saved on a dinky little device meant to sit on top of your TV.  The set-top boxes also act as a cable/satellite provider through your internet connection.  Some new TVs come with this stuff built in - like Google TV, etc.

Every movie (DVD and VHS) mother owns could fit on about 2TB of data.

Application - less clutter, higher quality movie nights.

For now that's about all I can think of off the top of my head.  Plus I should get back to reading papers and writing code.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hold Off the Fake Santa Nonsense

I'm jotting this post down due to Beth a.k.a. "the problem child" (I don't know why mom always calls her that behind her back.  Seems a little mean...)

As per a phone call this morning (I'm using a light definition of 'morning' here - 3:30pm.), I realize that the upcoming generation are starting to be lied to earlier than normal this year.  Mino must be in need of behavior-enhancing motivation because Beth called me up wanting to do the typical "Fake Santa" routine.

This troubles me.  We're not even through Halloween yet.  I have to go buy yellow socks tonight to complete my Penguin/Linus-Torvalds costume.  But here I am being plagued with Fake Santa calls?  Gadzooks!

Be it known across our lie-to-my-kids-for-fun family that I will not participate in the role of Fake Santa until after Thanksgiving.

I suggest calling uncle Roger upon the next need of behavior motivation, or just spank the crap out of them.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Youtube Channel...

So I actually got bored enough at work (Saturday at 7:30pm) to do a little blog scanning. Here's what immediately struck me:
  1. Jana never updates her blog
  2. Beth is funny
  3. Mary always tries to out do Beth
  4. Punjab is a blogging warrior
I need to do this blog scanning stuff more often. It's nice to not actually have to drive to see that the family is still crazy.

As per my recent craziness - I tend to not upload pictures or videos on here. For whatever reason, the blog uploader is highly unoptimized and I can't stand waiting. So for pictures - most of them are fairly well organized on facebook. For videos - I have a youtube channel. Type in "kaumatuaeli" and you should find me.

Here's one of the latest tid-bits of nonsense I uploaded. It's from a ward talent show. Chandi and I played "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

Falling Slowly

WingMan helped break my camera on our last repelling trip - so this is just from my phone. Adam will say I'm too pitchy, but I don't mind the performance overall.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 Months to Freedom??

Don't get excited - I don't plan to post any pictures as my cyber-singlehood requires that I post everything via facebook first - and as I'm yet to be impressed by the uploading speed of, I can't be bothered to regularly post anything more than text here.

So earlier yesterday (2am last night), I finished my thesis/project scheduling. If all goes according to plan - slim to none chance - then I'll be sussing out a masters come August. The scary thing is that a lot of academic convergence needs to take place within six months. Fingers crossed!

By all other accounts, my life has been the Eli-typical. I sleep more than I should and whenever I want, and I try to minimize my exercising. (Though I have given up pop - how's that for a resolution!) While the world and cosmos generally look down their noses at this lifestyle, I'll continue to keep it up so long as it pays dividends...

I had three classes last semester: Composites II, Design for Thermal Optimization, and Controls. I went to Composites II for the tests and about half the time the homework was due; Thermal Opt I only attended the first week and the tests, and Controls was too early to fathom - so it was tests only. All in all, I believe I attended less than 1/3 of the scheduled class lectures (I had a running record of 42 missed classes in a row). What's the moral of this laziness, you ask? I had an interesting email last week. It told me that I had been awarded a scholarship for my good grades last semester, and would be reimbursed for all three classes. :) And so the laziness will continue so long as it produces decent results.

This 6-month countdown ("The Final Countdown" by Europe should be playing as you read this next part) is not thesis-only however. It also includes the ever-annoying job search. February has long been my planned month of job searching. And so far I've hardly lifted a finger. I had one company contact me earlier last month though. Naval Reactor Facility. It's in Idaho. They tear the reactors out of submarines and aircraft carriers and pick them apart. I'll most likely skedaddle up there for an interview here in a bit. Maybe that will jump-start me into interview-mode...? Hopefully.

On a more techie note - I'll be upgrading my phone this week and also Adam's laptop. I grew tired of my old wireless keyboard and mouse - so I upgraded. Adam gets the hand-me-up. He usually manages to take all of my good shoes when I've warn them in as well. Phone-wise, I'm thinking the Droid. Sure - the data plan costs more, but as nerdy as I am - I'd use every penny. I'll go swindle the local Verizon boys tomorrow. I'm a bit excited for the versatility of the Android 2.0 operating system. And I'll make it a point to moon anyone who has an iPhone or an iPad for that matter - Apple's latest bad idea. Actually, we should all moon anyone who has an iPad. Write that down: moon iPad users.