Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Haps

So since I haven't put anything up here lately, I figured I was due. It's the least I could do after all the duffer-Lake-Powell pics.

Here's what I've been doing in the big O:

1 - Hiking up Waterfall Canyon with the ward.

2 - Rigging a pinewood derby car:

3 - Bowling:

4 - Visiting the Punjabbers:


Min and Mary said...

What a boring summer life! Why don't you come to good ole Woodland for some real fun (Freddie's diapers). Any of those hiking girls worth dating?

Min and Mary said...

That's a pretty neat pinewood derby car! Let me know if you need a glow engine for it. I got some nitromethane too.

Adam, Summer, & Noah said...

It was good to see you this past weekend. Noah loves uncle Eli. Come play anytime

bethany said...

Don't let marv fool you, eli. If you went to woodland you'd be babysitting all day and night. Stay far away.