Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's the nerd that...?

So since I'm still partly living a college lifestyle, I happen to be awake at 1 in the morning. Typical, really. But don't worry- I napped after church from approximately 2:30 to 9. So I'll be fine.

Anyway, the point of this blog is to complain. It seems ridiculous to me that the nerds who created Blogspot have not created a comment notice. Meaning that someone may comment on a picture of mine from two months ago - and I'll never know it unless I sort back through prior rubbish. Needless to say, all the questions we ask in comments are really lame (Beth, yours in particular come to mind). Why? Because the person you ask the question of will probably never notice it. And if they do - are they supposed to comment back on their own blog (which is a weird concept) or comment on the blog of the commenter (assuming they have a blog) answering the question and seeming all too unattached to whatever the subject of the commenter's blog?

Read that paragraph again, and it will make sense. If you must - grab napkins and scribble down "Blogger A" and "Blogger B" and try to imagine the typing interaction. Visual aids.

So in retrospect, I'd like to announce a cyber-service project to everyone who reads this. Which is: go back and read through the comments of your lastest 3 blogs. I've commented on some of them, and since you won't know it - here's your flashing red light.

As for those of you who will actually fulfill this odd request and happen to find nothing, go ahead and feel excluded. That just means that I didn't find anything cyber-gnarly enough to the point where I felt the need to comment. Or it could mean that I just don't look at anything you write.

So due to the programming and internet protocol nonsense that we as lazy Americans (the one's who don't visit each other, but just sent a quick note on occasion) put up with, I surrender to the point of assigning each of you a task. For those who are quick to forget, I repeat the cyber-service project: go back and read through the comments of your lastest 3 blogs.

And being the author of this idea, I hereby declare myself immune to any such requests from any of you. As with playing tag in elementary school - there are no "touch backs".


Min and Mary said...

At 1 in the morning you must not be able to think properly because blogspot DOES allow you to get email notification of all comments on your blog. I was pleasantly surprised to read your three comments in my inbox this morning and laughed about your cut-throat comment. thanks for reading and checking in on your Yang niece and neph. You still haven't answered my question about whether you'll be coming to the Ellis weddings on your birthday weekend. You better!!!

mommaquincy said...

Its tough having such a smartie for a sister, isn't it?