Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hold Off the Fake Santa Nonsense

I'm jotting this post down due to Beth a.k.a. "the problem child" (I don't know why mom always calls her that behind her back.  Seems a little mean...)

As per a phone call this morning (I'm using a light definition of 'morning' here - 3:30pm.), I realize that the upcoming generation are starting to be lied to earlier than normal this year.  Mino must be in need of behavior-enhancing motivation because Beth called me up wanting to do the typical "Fake Santa" routine.

This troubles me.  We're not even through Halloween yet.  I have to go buy yellow socks tonight to complete my Penguin/Linus-Torvalds costume.  But here I am being plagued with Fake Santa calls?  Gadzooks!

Be it known across our lie-to-my-kids-for-fun family that I will not participate in the role of Fake Santa until after Thanksgiving.

I suggest calling uncle Roger upon the next need of behavior motivation, or just spank the crap out of them.


Mary said...

you like it.

Joe said...

Whoa, I've gotta see a photo of this Penguin/Torvalds costume. If you're going for scary, though, I think a Richard Stallman/GNU Yak costume might be a better bet.

Summer Wilson said...

Spankings are what we do best. When you become a parent you use any trick in the book to get your kids to do something - even if it means pulling out the Santa bribes too early.

Joe said...

I think Bethy was probably just wanting to talk to her "cool" older brother. I don't know why she thinks you're so cool, but I am sure you could do a good Santa. She told me you said you didn't have time, then proceeded to talk/make jokes for the next 5 minutes. As long as your time management skills work for you that's great, but why take not take a few minutes to make a cute little neice happy?

Eli Wilson said...

Let's all remember that when Moose used to call people, it would be during the evening when Alice would be at home and able to do stupid voices without getting strange looks.

I'm often in my lab surrounded by people who wouldn't get the reason for the voice change. I'd likely be fired on the spot.

bethany said...

K. I'm easy calling December 1st, 12:01 for you to give mino a lecture on proper holiday etiquette. Keep working hard so you can make the big bucks and buy us all good christmas sweaters next year.

Joe said...

I'm glad to hear that what Bethy does, Moose used to do. Question: Did Moose turn on Christmas music before Halloween? Bethany is so excited about Christmas this year that:
1. All the Christmas shopping is done, including yours.
2. She has called multiple people to do Santa talk with Amelia
3. She has had Christmas music playing all evening today.
You have a great sister, I love that she gets so excited about these things, and I love to hear that that is how your dad was/is.

Eli Wilson said...

I don't know if Moose was as festive. He'd always just recite that stupid story about the best Christmas was that one about the molasses.

Actually I've got Marvin's Christmas shopping done too - well, unless I add a component before I send it out. But that's rare for me, it's mainly just because Punjab let me know that since I'm not thoughtful- she had some ideas ready for me.