Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Web Apps

So remember last post how I mentioned that I keep my budget online using Google Docs?  Well, today there's a lot more you can do online.

Here's what I'd recommend:  switch your browser to Google Chrome (here's the link).  It's generally faster and less cluttered than even Mozilla Firefox.  The only tricky thing about Chrome is that you type your search in the same spot that you'd normally enter a URL - so there's not two bars at the top.  The latest Google Chrome is version 8.  Version 8 has access to something called the Chrome Web Store (link).

You'll basically find everything there.  For instance, Leah can give up mathematics and go back to designing houses and rooms with Autodesk's Homestyler.  It's free, and it lets you create cool images and designs of your rooms like this:

There are tons of apps and they're easy to sort though.  You can find shopping ones, productivity ones (basically all of your Microsoft Office type of stuff), photo editing, video editing, blogging, games, etc.  Most of them are free.

Google has been pretty sharp lately.  It's not going to have too many of its aces land before Christmas, but you'll see a lot more about Android (especially tablet computers that compete with the iPad), and a fair bit about Chrome OS notebooks.

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mammasweet said...

So that's why you wanted me to leave Firefox. That's where my Wellness Challenge is stationed right now. I'll have to remember my Chrome address.