Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Interesting Sunday

Ahoy team!

So today in church we learned to be courageous.  This track star who had to have his leg amputated spoke to us about it.  Nifty guy.

I'm waiting for my home teaching companion to schedule visits (it is the 31st after all), and so I figured I'd drop a line or two on the old blog.

This past week, my boss talked with me about time management and accountability.  When he was a young engineering professor, he had to bill his time to several different accounts.  So he kept a journal and made notes to what he was doing down to 15 minute markings.  I'm supposed to start doing that this week too.

Leah played guitar with me up here at Pier 49 Pizza last night.  She did really well.  I had a handful of buddies come give us a listen - no video though.  The Preston Rodeo was going on last night too, so a lot of my good-camera owning friends were there.  I swung by the rodeo after we played.  It's a strange land, that rodeo.  But I got a kick out of it.  Saw me some bronc riding, barrel racing, calf tying, and bull riding.  One guy got stuck over the horns of the bull for a while.  Another guy got crushed against the fence.  Crazy cowboys!

Bryce Wood and I are a little musical duo.  We play acoustic shows at various places, and once he gets his stuff moved into the new studio, we'll have a nice place to work up new songs and to do our professional recording.  He writes most all of the songs.  Lately, though, I've been helping his with the most recent two numbers.  One is called "Valley of Empty Shells"  and the other one is more of a comedic one called "No Rum" - it's about a pirate.  I'll also be playing with his full band called Three Weeks, assuming the keyboardist gets back online.

I've started weekly tennis and guitar teaching days.  Tuesdays at 4, and Saturday mornings, I'm out there popping strings on my racket, trying to teach others how to play.  I run them through drills and teach them proper form.  Also on Tuesday nights around 9pm, we have people come around the house and we'll project up tablature and lyrics on the big screen.  I'll use that to teach some basic songs.  Sometimes we'll have 5 or more guitars in the living room all at the same time.

Anyway - that's the update for now.

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