Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TV in the UK

This week will be one for the record books.

Last Saturday I got a message from my friend Jason Hogan.  He mentioned some strange thing about his younger brother Chad Hogan and about a Scottish comedian named Kevin Bridges.  He asked if I wanted to be the band for some party...

Here's the connection between Kevin Bridges and Chad Hogan:

"Chad Hogan" is just a name Kevin came up with.  But after he did that show in Glasglow for over 10,000 people, the ripple started.  Chad Hogan (the one living here in Logan) got pummeled with Facebook invites and emails from people in Scotland.  Hundreds each day.  So he emailed Kevin's producer, and let him know what was going on.

The producer got a kick out of the online attention, and suggested to throw an actual party at Chad's house, here in Logan.  He called for another producer (affiliated with VH1) to fly in from LA and scope out the place as well as to interview Chad.  

Kevin's producer is creating a TV series - behind the scenes, type of thing.  They're recreating some of the events from Kevin's jokes too, and apparently the comparison of Chad Hogan's American party to Scotland's "Empties" is one of the biggest gags.  

One thing led to another, and tomorrow Kevin and his crew will fly out to gear up for Chad Hogan's party.  

Part of the joke is that Chad Hogan "booked a band for his living room".  Chad didn't know anyone who plays, so he asked his brother Jason.  Jason knew me, and that's how it all got set up.  So we're booked to play at the party.  It will be aired as a TV series across the UK.  Kevin Bridges will be there, though I don't think he's planning to do any stand up.  It's more of a filming thing.  

We're pulling out all the stops:  fog, lasers, lighting, live audio recording, video, stills...  I'll be on an electric guitar with a couple pedals to mess with and I'll be singing back up, Bryce Wood is lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Bryce's brother Austin is also singing back up and playing the keys, Skyler Smith on bass, and Kent Scott on the skins.  We'll have Stuart Olsen running the live audio recording, and Mark Lusk will be manning the light board and helping with the live mixing.  John Poppleton of Poppleton Portraits will be doing the video and photo work.  Justin Wasden may be present to help with some still photos too.  Callee Christensen is working on a banner for us to put up behind the band.

Just in case we make it big in the UK, I bought a new domain for the website:

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Summer Wilson said...

Wow, who knew you could be famous - even if it is in another country. I guess that's better, so you don't have to worry about all the fans and paparazzi. Good luck with the gig. I was also going to mention, you are the only Wilson (minus Sarah, but she's not even blood related anymore, right?) that still hasn't come to visit - LOSER! Now that you're famous you should be able to afford the gas, or plain ticket.