Monday, April 21, 2008

Boomerang Club...

So I've got back into somewhat of my Austral-asian roots and have become the Vice-President (we call it Vice-Bundy) of the newly founded USU Boomerang Club. Included are some nonsensical pictures (and maybe videos - once I get the hang of the blogspotter) of our weekly throwing, manufacturing, broken 'rangs, funerals for broken 'rangs, and of course - the sweatshop where we make the boomers.

Nate is our Ballistics Coordinator - he's incharge of making sure people get hurt. Notice the boomer he has has been through some rough days - we've been working on repairing them. We've broke a good 30 or more.

Spike's the President (Chief Bundy) - and he's also our teacher. I'll go recruit and direct them to Spike - some of the people we've found are naturals, catching a 'rang within their first fifteen minutes.

When we throw on Wednesdays, we usually pick up 10-15 new people. Our club has 70 members right now, and we're about a month old. The good weather helps.

This was some night-'ranging we tried out in the snow. We had glow-in-the-dark paint, gitd stickers, glow-sticks, and finally LEDs. It's been a rough development. We searched forever in the snow and finally Claire came up with it.

Rich is incharge of "Keeping it real". He's got game with a boomer, but we mainly promote him due to his gnarly humor.

We were out there in the snow once - this was a dry day, but probably a cold one.

Matt likes to do the multiple throw. We're trying to get to the point where we can catch 2 at once. It needs a little tweaking.

This was during our night-'rang quest. We haven't had much luck with the night. It's just too hard to see them when they take off.

This was that same night - we had a bunch of glow stuff and paint. I'm putting glow-in-the-dark stickers and the goop from a glow stick on a couple of our rangs. We've actually gone to a smaller design now. They don't kill people when we mess up the throw, and because they spin with less energy (1/12th - 1/3 of the mass, and 1/2 the velocity [velocity is squared in an energy equation]) they don't break as often.

We get them stuck in the trees a lot.

We get them to peg into the ground when we throw them wrong, but sometimes it looks cool.

I'll have to add some videos later - they can't be pulled from facebook, so I'll have to snag them off my hard-drive when I get home.

Here's a few videos of the nonsense. I've got a normal catch, and two foot-hackey catches. Google search "GLORP" if you want to see where I got the idea.

This is the normal catch. Mandy did most of the video-ing for these clips.

Here's my first foot-hackey catch.

Here's my second foot-hackey. I'm holding another boomer in my right hand. We were working on getting the double-catch. You throw one right after another and snag them both...

I couldn't get up another video that I wanted to work - it was just too long I think...

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bethany said...

Oh, so you're starting up clubs, eh? Why didn't I get an invite? Everyone west of the ol' mississip knows I'm great shakes with a boomerang.