Monday, April 21, 2008

College life in the small L.

So I figured since Marvin is putting up all sorts of weird pictures of her innerds, I may as well type a few jots about life in Logan. Most podunk students use facebook for all their online-journaling/stalking needs, but to follow the trend of this family, I'll comply to the blogger.

Most of these photos will be snagged from my facebooking.

This was our first attempt of boomeranging. The aggie A and American flag counteract the aussieness of the pic. I'll put in some pictures and video regarding the boomers in another blog.

Baby-sitting WingMan at the lake - Spring Break.

This was at a Ward Prayer. We played a song together and all (except WingMan) dressed up. Spike and I played guitar, Dan on the harmonica, Rich (brown suit) played the tin whistle, and Wing spoke the lyrics in his deep voice. We're supposed to get ready a little somethin'-somethin' for the upcoming talent show...

My buddy Scott Klein and I played in a wee tennis tourney last semester before the snow hit. We lost.

I had just bowled a 160+ at the lanes. Mandy started this weekly bowling night of which I am typically the champion. Last week, I threw down a 167 with the two-finger spin.

This was a girls soccer game that we got duded up for. Face-paint and sombreros made a difference in the second half - if we'd arrived earlier, we could have guaranteed a win.

This was a 70's party at my buddy Blake's (he's in the yellow sweater) house.

Bowling night - that's Patrick (Patty-cakes) on the left. My shirt says, "This is how I roll".

Building a computer - that's an ASUS videocard I'm putting in on the top, and I'm showing off the guts of the beast on the bottom - an Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 3.0 ghz processor. Notice that we had to upgrade the power converter, which is what's about to fall off the box.

Old Main Hill - we built some sleds using some DI skis and some old kitchen swivle chairs. I'm on the front about to go 6' in the air, and Dan's on the back. Kyle is in the background taking pictures from the otherside.

So there you have it - incase you've been wondering what the life of a nerd in college is all about. I'm probably getting worse grades than I should for this nonsense, but I'll graduate.


mammasweet said...

You are amazing. Thanks for sharing with us. I love you the most.

Adam, Summer, & Noah said...

Looks like you are getting a lot of studying done this semester. Adam said your choir was awesome, too bad I didn't get to hear it. Hate to break it to you but mamma sweet says that on everyone's blog. Sorry.

Min and Mary said...

Why can't I see any of your pictures? Maybe facebook is better. I'll try explorer instead of mozilla.