Friday, May 2, 2008

Operation: Ogden

So the new plan is to survive the Ogden-ites. I'll be moving my stuff out of Logan this Monday. I'm going to live in a place ran by a guy named Ron Perry. It's right by Weber State Uni. I'll room with 5 people, one of which is another good nerd who'll work at Autoliv with me as an intern. His name is Jeff White. He's from West Valley.

This Saturday I'm going to the Red Head and Brittany's wedding reception. I'll swap Adam vehicles and pack up a little uhaul or the like for Monday's move. I'll start at Autoliv Monday the 12th. I'll be working on airbags and seat belts mostly, I think.

So that's the update. There's a good place to eat in Ogden called Jim's Burgers, and I've found a park near the university that is big enough for some dangerous boomerang experiments.


Min and Mary said...

Yo, Eli. Since you're going to be an airbag expert, can you design one that will fill up with popcorn. You might be able to somehow use the heat off the engine to heat it up. This will be nice in case of accident waiting for ambulance. Good luck with the move and boomeranging.

mammasweet said...

Have a great week moving your stuff. I wonder if you could leave some of it in Logan until September? Braden went waterskiing again yesterday. Wish you could come play.

Min and Mary said...

Hope the move went well today. Do you need anything for your apartment? We're cleaning house ourselves, preparing for the possible move to the lone star state, so if you want a queen sized bed, a crib, or couch, let me know.

Janalee said...

What the crap you crazy ogdenite?! I had no idea that you even had a blog - you could mention these things. I had to find out about it on Marvs like a little snoop:)
By the way when are you coming down next?

Eli Wilson said...

Oh yeah Piemer - real funny. The rest of the family's in the loop, and you're not. Yikes. By the way, while we're on the subject of getting electronically screened from what's going on - I can't view your "I'm in the Hub" page either. Apparently, I'm not cyber-invited. So I have to respond on my own picture.