Thursday, November 13, 2008

GRE and Turducken

So I just left the testing center.

I didn't have to do the essays (which are scored 1-6) in order to get into the graduate program here at USU. I just had to do over a 440 Verbal and something decent (probably 600 or 650? -I forgot what the bar was set at) Quantitative.

I got 450 Verbal - and 790 Quantitative.

The 790 isn't bad - as 800 is perfect. So from the ACT's 33 in math, I've improved. 790/800 is higher than a 33/36. My reading is still piss poor though! Ha!

I'll start posting pictures up here soon. Typical nonsensical stuff.

I graduate with a bachelors in a month. I'm not walking - since I'll be back in this same lab mid January. I figure there's no real celebration if I'm going to stick around. I think the grad life will fit my lazy-through-and-wing-it lifestyle better than the undergrad.

Also - I've become an advocate of Turducken. Google search it if you need. Chicken in a duck in a turkey.

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