Monday, November 17, 2008


So I bowled a 248 the night of the GRE. I had a Turducken with garnish. A "turkey" is 3 strikes in a row, so I figure a "duck" can be 2, and a "chicken" a single strike. I had 7 in a row - which is a full Turducken (a sixth) plus garnish (the seventh).

My last high score was a 191.

I'm planning to come down to a friend's wedding reception this Saturday in Salt Lake City - and to stay with the Punjabs. I've got to be back to Logan by 6 on Sunday.

Next week, I can leave as early as Tuesday. Provided I get my homework done, it should be no problem to be ready to try out Noah's new pimped ride Wednesday morning or afternoon.

Work is going fairly well. Boomerang production is down.

I found a girl with a small nose and a good chin. We'll see if she can stand meeting the Punjabs this weekend.


Min and Mary said...

So, you're going to grad school, eh? That's cool. I would like you to check out and get some inside scoop on what grads go through. I got some of my favorites on our blog. Check it out. -Min

Eli Wilson said...

You need to send me an email that lets me in your blog. Apparently you only have my "spam the fam" email:

You should have the email connected to this blog:

I can't get into your blog anymore.

Min and Mary said...

Sent you an invitation.