Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wood - Music Videos

Ever since Al Gore created the internet, we've been able to reach audiences that would have otherwise been impossible.  So our new quest as Wood is to produce some quality videos of originals, cover songs, and even proper music videos of the originals we plan to put on our upcoming albums.

Here's our first cover video - an acoustic version of The Killers' "Human"

We have another video that just needs to be edited - it's an old spiritual song called "Goin' Up A Yonder".  And we'll be shooting our first music video for our original song World of Ashes this Saturday in an abandoned factory in Idaho.  We have to get a lot of videos online before February - as that's when we'll air on BBC One as part of the series on Kevin Bridges.

Other than playing guitar for Wood, I've been writing my final for my Numerical Methods I class, preparing for my PhD classes, and gearing up for Christmas and New Years.  We're playing a full-band show for New Years in a local pub.  The goal of that show is to come away with some sweet footage of the full band so we can create an introductory DVD in the form of a press kit.

I'll keep you posted on the band and the rest of my life here, and if you want more blogging details of the band, feel free to follow the blog I created for it on our website.

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