Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm on a clip of the Jonathan Ross Show in the UK

Remember that Chad Hogan party we quickly pieced together a full band for?  It's about to hit the air in the UK.  It'll be on BBC One and will air as a 6-part mini series.  To prep for the show, Kevin Bridges went on the Jonathan Ross Show - and you'll see a clip of us playing at the party.  

Start watching from 4:00 in...

I'll post again and let you know when they air the full episode.  You should see a scene where he introduces our band.  The bass drum head has Bryce's old band name on it - as we hadn't swapped out the head back then - so Three Weeks is his old group.  Wood is the new group:


mammasweet said...

I think I spotted Caitlyn jumping around there.

Joe said...

I'd like to be your manager. Seriously. Leah would muddle it all up and try to make you sing like horse feathers. Mary would give it all away to charity. I'm your only real option. this is beth