Sunday, September 14, 2008

The delights of sleeping through class...

So - I figured I'd drop a note or two. I'd upload pictures too, but at 40-70% connectivity on a 5dB antenna, I hardly have the patience.

Alas, you find yourself reading my blog instead of looking at the crazy pictures of bowling night where we found a drunk guy that wanted to bet against us.

So here's my schedule:

MWF - 8:30am: Math 5610, 10:30am: MAE 5300, 11:30am Religions of the World, 12:30pm Preparing for Celestial Marriage, 2:30pm Beginning Billiards
TR- 7:30am: ENGR 5500, whenever I get there am/pm Autoliv's Environmental Lab

The institute and billiards classes are only MW - not Friday. I've slept through each class that ranks 5000 or above. I've gone to billiards and institute each time, though.

The math one is "Computational Linear Algebra" - what happens when you google-search. The MAE one is "Mechanical Vibrations" - why your car shakes at 73mph and not 77mph. The ENGR 5500 one is "High Performance Computing for Engineers" - the meaning behind the stickers on your computer (or those ones at Costco) that say "quad-core: do more" or "Core-2 Duo"...

Tuesday night is Jamba Juice night. I've taken a couple of different girls there. Wednesday night is boomerang club - sometimes it's something else. Thursday night is bowling night. I bowled a 187 two weeks ago. And at least once a week, I have to attend a concert for my Art Symposium (USU 3330) class. I'm going to "Little Women" sometime this year.

I've just been called as the Ward Clerk - to make sure I don't get my nap in on Sunday.

My keyboard has a stand now - so I don't hurt my back when I play songs. (Before I had it on my bed, and I had to hunch.)

I go to Carl's Jr or Arby's or Wendy's at least once a week. And have started doing push-ups of a sort... My shower takes a while to warm up, so I've devised a work-out plan while I wait. I've also started reading the Book of Mormon backwards (chapter at a time).

I read that last vampire book, and have to say that most of the 2800 pages in that series were pure rubbish. I bought "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith" compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith, and am searching for a quote concerning 2.2 billion years...

My latest ambition is to learn some songs from Michael Huang's Fantasy Reborn series. It's a spoof of Nobuo Uematsu's classics.

Speaking of people who's names you can't pronounce - I interviewed for 2 hours with Dr. Heng Ban. He has a project that I may end up working on. It deals with heat transfer from rivers to the stream beds below. The Blackfoot river - up here in Logan, and the Virgin river. So if I get to it properly - I may end up taking a trip down south to collect data. That won't be for quite some time, though.

I bump into Caitlyn up here every week or so. I've exposed her to some of Logan's low-lifes. She takes it all in swing, naturally.

My roommates are all pretty good. Each is distinct - like one raisin from another, but they're all decent (unlike raisins).

I haven't snogged a girl for a while... going on 4 1/2 months. <-- Which I take as a sign of my maturing. Or a general increase in apathy, but as I'm dating often, the former makes more sense.


Min and Mary said...

What a summary! Now, if anyone needs to stalk you or steal your identity, it's pretty much laid out before the world. Are you coming to visit for Thanksgiving? Leah's driving with the Punjabbers and Mom's flying from George to SLC to SMF. You could join any of the travellers I'm sure.

mammasweet said...

You need to read the Host book now. It's better than the vampires. Then The Peacegiver by James Ferrall. If you are ward clerk, why were you asking me for your membership number? Crazy boy. Love, Mom

bethany said...

I forgot how much I like you. Hence the eight years of not speaking to you. I'm glad you're not snogging girls. Remember how long it took jim to snog pam? That's right, 28 months. Did you watch the premiere? My favorite line was, "I never really dealt with 9/11"

bethany said...

this one is from mills. I think she wants you to get some zzz's.