Monday, September 29, 2008

Summing up September...

Well, there's but one day left in the tenth month of the 2008th year.

I'd bother putting pictures up, but as explained, I hardly take my camera to the school, and the transfer rate of this connection isn't good for my patience.

I've been reading Brisingr - the 3rd Eragonner. I finished Breaking Dawn and figured they're all a bunch of rubbish. Though I've been told to read The Host by several.

In two weeks, I'll switch jobs. I'll wrap up the tricks I've been doing at Autoliv's Brigham City plant - namely their Environmental Lab. (I've often thought to paint over the first 7 letters of that name.) It's been good. I'll begin working with a Chinese professor named Dr. Heng Ban, and Dr. Beth Nielson - she's an environmental engineer. I'll be working on rivers. Heat transfer from the bottom of the river to the streambed. The Blackfoot river (up here in Cache Valley), and the Virgin - yep! The Virgin. But don't get excited. I doubt there would be any point in me working on site until maybe next summer. Theoretical experiments first...

I'm not married. I know a lot of you have probably figured that I must be - but it's all a hoax. I've taken after the terrorists, and have created doubles. Who knows how many of them have gotten hitched - but the origin has yet to tie the knot.

I'm the ward clerk - which translates to a 7:30 am start to my meetings, and about a 3 pm finish - then a 5 pm start and 9 pm: making Sundays my longest day. But I actually enjoy it.

Dumbo has been seeing a lot of action - as I've been printing sheet music like mad. It's a good way to soothe. I bought a spiral bound hymnal as well - just so I can feel like I'm productive in my tickling of the ivories.

I'm planning to head to Marvin's for turkey day - provided Noah makes room. My rackets are being re-strung, but that's not to say I've been playing enough tennis. I was the 8-ball tournament champion in my billiards class, but am currently in the losers bracket for 9-ball.

I remain a general slacker in school. My reputation for "never going to class, and somehow sliding through by the seat of my pants" is holding up quite nicely. I may have to start attending math, though - I get the feeling like we should be having an exam soon. Crazy lady never posts when things are coming. It's rubbish.

I've also been attending a healthy dollup of shows/plays/exhibits/concerts/what-have-you. I have to acquire 20 performances this semester - as to earn 2 credits for a depth-humanity requirement. So I've seen everything from High School Musical to Portraits of the Book of Mormon to a rock-inspired opera to a spoof on Catholic humor entitled "Nunsense". Most are longwinded, but entertaining.

So that's the rundown. Last week I bowled a 172. If I keep at it, I get the feeling like I'll break 200 before the year is out.

That's about it - oh, and once Beth can get her greedy little paws on me... I think I'm due for some new fashion. Floods and suspenders apparently just went out...

Oh- and I may grow a mullet by the time we head for Cali. Just to fit in with the West Coast nonsense.


mammasweet said...

Dear Son, Sounds like you are surviving okay. I hope the Virgin River does draw you down next summer. Thanksgiving will be great in California. I hope to see you before then. I'll send a picture of Rob. Momma

Leah said...

Who is Rob, and why do I not know about him? Mom is freakin' sketch.

Adam, Summer, & Noah said...

Sounds like you're still lazy and smart. Not a bad combo. We're hoping to get a new SUV for the cali trip so you guys don't have to squish. Well we're actually getting it to pull the boat better.

bethany said...

I have your name for christmas and you'll be well covered. Literally. Nothing like shopping for hot bods to brighten a day. I'm meeting rob this weekend, so I'll tell everyone what he's really like.